Théâtre Snowdon Condos


Built in 1936, just after the advent of sound film, in the style of a modern Art Deco "Streamline" liner from the Art Deco period, the Snowdon Theatre remains one of the last remnants of Montreal's movie palaces. Experience history. Experience an icon.

Time Line View
  • 1937

    Snowdon Theatre opened its doors for the first time, where visitors were treated to its elegant Art Deco design, crowned by the flagship sign over Decarie Boulevard.  The building was designed by Emmanuel Briffa, who also crafted the interiors of the Rialto and Outremont theatres, as well as more than 60 other cinemas in Canada.

  • 1950

    Minor renovations led to the entrance façade being modified, as well as a new marquee being added.

  • 1972

    While it was already popular for showing British films, in 1972 the cinema screened Charlie Chaplin movies for an entire year.

  • 1982

    After years of dwindling attendance, the theatre closed and sat vacant for several years.

  • MID-1980s to 1990

    The 25,000-square-foot interior of the building was renovated in a $2.5-million project that converted the theatre into a small shopping centre. The theatre was split into two floors, but much of its original walls and Art Déco designed ceilings remained intact.

  • 1989

    The city of Montreal started renting part of the building to a non-profit gymnastics club.

  • 2016

    A fire set by vandals caused extensive damage to the theatre, which had been vacant at the time, destroying much of the remaining original sections of the building.

  • 2018

    The city of Montréal sold Snowdon Theatre for $1.6 million dollars, with the only condition being that the building’s exterior front facade and sign be preserved.

  • 2019

    The demolition process gets underway to transform the historic jewel into a modern condo project: Snowdon Theatre Condos. The building will house 62 condos and three commercial units on the ground floor, all while updating and restoring the building's iconic façade and marquee sign.